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The Lake Powell Tribal Park features one of the world's most famous slot canyons in the world. The park, created in 1997, presents one of the world's most striking sandstone sculptures, a natural work of art that's slowly recreated with every sandstorm and flash flood. Antelope Canyon - Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo tours (AACPT) provides quality guided tours, sightseeing tours and photographic tours into slot canyons that are within the Antelope wash basin, located just on the outskirts of Page, Arizona. The slot canyons reside within the Navajo Nation tribal reservation – Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park. Lake Powell Tribal Park | Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park manages the following areas: Upper Antelope Canyon; Lower Antelope Canyon ... Please make reservations with Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours listed under the Guided Tours page. ... Arizona 86515. Our Mission is to protect, preserve and manage tribal parks, monuments and recreation areas for the perpetual enjoyment ... How to Explore Arizona's 4 Most Iconic Slot Canyons How to Explore Arizona's 4 Most Iconic Slot Canyons August 1, 2016 Jeremy Meek + Save to a List Few, if any, slot canyons in the world can come close to rivaling the awe-inspiring curves and undulations of the sandstone slot canyons near Page, Arizona.

Antelope Slot Canyon Tours.Land Department/Parks & Recreation 48 West Taylor Rd. Bldg #8966, Hwy 264, St. Michaels, Arizona 86515. Our Mission is to protect, preserve and manage tribal parks, monuments and recreation areas for the perpetual enjoyment and benefit of the Navajo Nation – the...

Antelope Canyon (Page) - My partner and I toured Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide from the Navajo company. The colourful wind and water carved sandstone in the slot canyon was amazing and Abraham, our driver and canyon guide was informative, friendly, and knowledgeable about where to take the... Antelope Canyon Arizona | Book Tickets & Tours Today Head to Arizona on this 14-hour tour from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, two natural attractions that are favorites of the American Southwest. One of the most-photographed slot canyons in the world, Antelope Canyon offers sandstone scenery and vantage points you can't find elsewhere.

Aug 27, 2018 · Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon formed by erosion found on the land of the Navajo nation, just east of Page, Arizona.Antelope Canyon is actually divided into two separate slot canyons, but the whole region is collectively referred to as Antelope Canyon.. The upper part of the canyon is usually referred to as The Crack or just Upper Antelope Canyon, while the lower portion of the canyon …

Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding through the northern area of Arizona. Rainwater runs into the basin above the slot canyons, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways. Arizona's Hidden and Secret Canyons - TripSavvy Antelope Canyon, located outside of Page is at once one of the most breathtaking and tranquil places on earth. Gently carved from the Navajo sandstone over the course of countless millenniums, the slot canyons are majestic and narrow passages, just enough space for a small group to walk the sandy floor and for the occasional shafts of sunlight to shine down from above. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA - Beautiful Places to Visit Lower Antelope Canyon

Mar 18, 2016 ... The Navajo sandstone slot canyon was formed over years of flash floods, wind ... It's located just outside Page, Arizona on a Navajo Tribal Park. Antelope Canyon Wall Art & Canvas Prints | Antelope Canyon ... Flashflood-eroded sandstone formations of Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona ... Rock formations, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona,.

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Find out why we are one of the best Antelope Canyon tour companies. ... Formed over hundreds of years of water running through sandstone, Antelope Canyon is both a sacred site for the ... by permit only since 1997, when the Navajo Tribe made it a Navajo Tribal Park. ... It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. Water Holes Canyon, Page, Arizona - The American Southwest