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The number of Import/Export slots are fixed at 4. Currently only standalone VTLs are supported. Click on submit. For the VTL extended edition software the form shown is slightly different as seen in the figure below. Changing the Library Vendor will display the libraries emulated for the vendor. Scalar® i3 Tape Library | Quantum Scalar i3 is a tape library designed for small-to-medium size environments with a feature set focused on saving time and money. The Scalar iLayer management software—proven to reduce management time and improve system uptime—has been fully refreshed for even greater efficiencies and a modern, intuitive user experience. Import/export element addresses with virtual I/O slots enabled - IBM

what does the mail slot do in a tape library

Loading Empty Tapes - Veeam Backup Free Edition Guide Load the tapes into the Import/Export slot or directly into the tape library magazine.You can also right-click the necessary library in the working area and select Import Tapes.

Hello, I am using an IBM TS3200 Library with Networker 7.5.1. I have recently setup a GFS rotation, and I have 3 save groups (weekly, monthly and yearly) that require tape offsite storage, and therefore moving the tapes out of the library into the transport slot for removal.

HPE StoreEver ESL G3 100-slot Base Module Tape Library -… Bulk import/export station for faster cartridge load and unload. Supporting data growth is only part of the story: the HPE ESL G3 also delivers high availability through dual-robotics capability and redundant power supplies, while host path connectivity failover provides optimal library performance. Introduction to virtual tape libraries A virtual tape library (VTL) is a data storage virtualization technology that's typically used forIn order to work effectively, automated tape libraries need a significant boost in speed to take themStorage Element 30 IMPORT/EXPORT:Empty. Above drives are empty. Check the status of the tape device. Backupexec 11d Import/Export tape options | Forum I use the Import/Export tape options to Eject and Insert tapes to and from our tape library, it saves me messing with the front panelSimilar with the import job, except this time it take ages before it actually moves the tape from the mailslot on the loader to the right slot, takes about 20 minutes for the job to... Tape Tools Manual 01-10-08

The HP StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Library is the ideal entry-level tape library that provides tape library capacity and extensive features in the compact form of a tape autoloader. With compressed capacity (2:1) of up to 38.4 TB using, the MSL2024 can easily tackle backup and recovery jobs typically handled by mid-range tape libraries.

But tape was successfully imported , but we got following messages ; [Normal] From: MSM@eodserver "Drive1" Time: 5/7/2015 3:44:36 PM Data Protector foreign medium "7220200a:552bb0db:2ba8:0001" found.Can i just export and import it back again ? what does the mail slot do in a tape library What does the mailslot on my tape library do?If there is a mail slot you should well be able to insert/eject a cartridge. That's what the mail slot is meant for! In BackupExec this functionality is called "Import/Export ".

The importing procedure conveys the tapes from the mail slot to the library working slots, scans them and sends information about them to Veeam backup database. After importing, Veeam Backup & Replication can use the tapes to read or write data.

TapeChanger::MTX - use 'mtx' to manipulate a tape library - metacpan ... Mar 2, 2004 ... TapeChanger::MTX is a module to manipulate a tape library using the 'mtx' ... of loaded tapes, and number of Import/Export slots, respectively, ... what do you mean by mailslot only used for import and ...